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The Lomatium dissectum plant is a natural medicine with extensive traditional use by the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Nevada, where it grows. It has been used primarily for upper respiratory infections, although many other uses have been noted.

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Lomatium has been widely used for upper respiratory tract infections, both viral and bacterial in origin. It may slow or halt the progression of a cold or flu, or help with asthma and bronchitis, and can be helpful in severe states of immunodeficiency.
Lomatium is also an effective helper in fighting Candida. When used to help fight yeast, Lomatium may be rotated with our other yeast fighters, four days each.

    • Potent natural antiviral and antibacterial
    • Helps inhibit growth of candida
    • Useful against a broad spectrum of stubborn infections
    • Stimulates immune response and decreases inflammation
    • Good tasting and alcohol-free, great for kids and adults!


Organically grown Lomatium Dissectum 1:4 extract, purified water, kosher vegetable Glycerine

Does not contain

Eggs, wheat, gluten, dairy, casein, yeast, corn, soy, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. Every effort has been taken to eliminate any significant sources of natural salicylates, phenols and benzoates.


Full adult dose is 30-60 drops in a glass of water or other drink, 3 times a day. Start at half dose and work up to full dose over first few days, to avoid herxheimer reaction (die off). Children: Half of adult dose. For sensitive children, start with one drop, 3 times a day and increase gradually to 15 drops, 3 times a day in juice, water or other drink.

Warnings and Contraindications

Do not use Lomatium if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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