Comprehensive Immune and Oxidative Stress Profile – RED Labs


A selection of inflammatory, infection and oxidative stress markers from the RED Laboratories in Belgium

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This blood test detects these markers:

  • IL-8 ELISA

Interleukin-8 (IL-8) is a chemoattractant cytokine produced by a variety of tissue and blood cells. … Interleukin-8 attracts and activates neutrophils in inflammatory regions. Found elevated in chronic fatigue and autism.

  • sCD14

CD14 is expressed in monocytes and macrophages and has a major role in the recognition of bacterial cell wall components (LPS). The extracellular part of CD14 can be elevated and released in the plasma, this will inactivate circulating LPS. Significantly elevated in IBD, CD, ME/CFS, brucellosis and Lyme disease. sCD14 is an indirect measurement of LPS elevation, that itself results from bacterial translocation.

  • CD38

Low levels of CD38 might indicate a Borrelia infection whilst high CD38 would suggest other gram-negative bacterial infections.

  • C3a, Ca4

Both components are found to be major players in CIRS (Chronic Immune Response Syndrome) biotoxin pathway. The complement system becomes chronically activated resulting in high levels of C4A and C3A.

  • Nagalase Viral infection/ Bacterial infection
  • PGE2 Inflammation
  • HIF-1A

Hypoxia induced factor- elevated in chronic fatigue.

  • Oxydative stress

Total antioxidant capacity (ANOX Test)- Measures the total antioxidant capacity of a sample.

Fatty acids oxidation (OXFA)- Measurement of malondialdehyde (MDA) which is formed from the decomposition of lipid peroxides (caused by oxidative stress).

IgA/IgM oxidative products. Nitrosative stress causes the presence of a range of nitrosylated products, NO-Cysteine, NO2-tyrosine, NO-BSA, NO0-Tryptophan, NO-Arginine, Malondialdehyde. The test measures the presence of antibodies against these antigens.

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