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Comprehensive urinary analysis of organic acids providing a measurement of a person’s gut health, metabolism and nutritional needs.

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The Organic Acids Test (OAT) measures urinary organic acids formed in various tissues or by intestinal microbes. Accumulation of organic acids in the urine can indicate metabolic dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies and microbial overgrowth. Abnormal levels of organic acids can be traced to inherited or acquired enzyme deficiencies, a build-up of toxicants, specific nutrient deficiencies, or drug effects. Every cell is affected when a metabolic pathway is sub-sufficient.

Reports on profound vitamin, minerals and fatty acids deficiencies in autism abounds. There is no claim that the deficiencies are causative or even specific of autism, but rather that (within the broader picture of imbalances seen in autism), they exacerbate the autistic features. 

Diverse metabolic abnormalities and biochemical deficiencies have been detected in autism. These include abnormalities in amino acid levels particularly in relation to tryptophan metabolism, and include the commonly reported hyposerotonia seen in autism. There are also abnormalities in Krebs cycle intermediates (glucose metabolism), purine metabolism, mitochondrial dysfunction and impaired sulfuration and methylation pathways.
A profile of 73 organic acids (including 20 microbial organic acids). These profiles are referred to Great Plains Laboratory in the USA – please contact us for further details.

NOTE: Samples for this test are referred to the Great Plains Laboratory in the USA.

Patient Instructions: Early morning urine (before eating or drinking) – avoid apples, grapes, pears and cranberries (and their juices) for 24 hours beforehand. Also abstain from vitamin and mineral containing supplements for 24 hours prior to providing a specimen.
Sample should be frozen if there is a delay before submitting to the lab. Ship Monday to Wednesday only.

Sample Report

Data sheet (information on the metabolites measured)

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